Charles Bean's Gallipoli

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Charles Bean and Gallipoli are forever closely bound. Serving as the official Australian war correspondent from the landing to the evacuation, Charles Bean was able to dedicate his days and nights to witnessing and recording the events that would form the Anzac legend. In writing his diaries, Bean also provided an extraordinary insight into his own emotions—his joys and sorrows, hopes and fears, loves and hates—and those he admired or disdained, the heroes and villains of the Anzac story. This book extracts the essence of Gallipoli from his diaries and rewards the reader with a clearer understanding of what it was like to live and die there. This book also showcases a remarkable collection of photographs, the majority of which were obtained from the private collections of soldiers who took their cameras to war. Most of these photographs, selected to illustrate Charles Bean's diary extracts, have not previously been published, and provide another fascinating perspective on the Gallipoli campaign.


Phillip Bradley, author of the groundbreaking Hell's Battlefield, is a leading researcher of Australian military history.