3 Heads & a Tail
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More About This Title 3 Heads & a Tail


A quirky comedy romance with a touch of fantasy and walkies.

When nature lover Josie moves into a house share with two pals, dreamer Ben and model man David, she sees it as a short stop and doesn't bank on an attraction developing with one of them. Meanwhile, Ben's dog, Glen, has the hots for Miss Posh, the beautiful golden Lab in the park. When dog meets dog it's puppy love, but a complication leads to Glen taking matters into his own paws. In this comedy of errors, romance and walkies, it's anyone's guess who is going to win the girl/dog and live happily ever after.

Appropriate for readers aged over sixteen, the first draft of this book was written for NaNoWriMo.


The book has reviews on Amazon and Smashwords. Here are some snippets...

"There are some very sweet moments, some laugh-out-loud situations and the redoubtable Glen to offer a unique perspective on the proceedings. It’s cute chicklit/romcom entwined with a doggy tail, um tale, that makes this irresistible.
Heads & a Tail is a fast read, it’s fun and it left me with a BIG smile. Five stars for sheer entertainment value." (PubRight/Beach Bum Books)

"Oh my gosh this is a funny book. I hate to harp on the topic of how the dog made the story, but I think he did. I know for sure I will forever look at my own dog and wonder what she is thinking." (Ey Wade)

"Until reading this humorous tale about relationships between characters that tend towards being shy, my favorite animal character was "Buck" featured in Jack London's "Call of the Wild." Vickie Johnstone's story is a different kind of novel that also features a dog as one of the main characters. The story begins shortly after Josie, the protagonist moves into a flat with two male housemates, rather make that three if you include Glen, the golden labrador retriever." (Gregory S Lamb)

"A doggy good novel you must not miss, if you like a good comedy and/or if you love dogs and share your life with one of them, no matter what breed it is!" (Annarita Guarnieri)

"Sweet, romantic, and light. A perfect end-of-summer read. Think 'Three's Company' but more intellectual, and with two guys and a girl instead of the other way around. And then add a very smart four-footed house mate to the mix. You can't help but smile as the story unfolds." (Leland )

"This is a delightful and funny read throughout. David is the guy the readers will love to hate while Ben is the one that we will all want Josie to be with and not just because he owns one very cool dog. The story takes a fascinating turn in its second half with Glen being the star of the show. His thoughts are wonderfully conveyed and you may never look at your dog the same again after reading this. Heads & a Tail is a warm, funny and entertaining read from start to finish. It has a great bunch of characters, some sharp dialogue and one very special dog tying all the characters together. What more could one ask for?" (David Brown)

"I like funny books. I like books that make me go `Aaaahhhhh!' and `Squeeeeeee!' Mr B likes them less. I'm sure it must be very hard to be a serious fantasy writer when your wife keeps reading one liners and laughing like a hyena. What can I say? The book is laugh out loud funny and deserves to be celebrated. Thank you to Vickie Johnstone for providing a perfect read. A wonderful tonic to a difficult week, a must add for anyone who loves dogs, fun, romance or... um... naked cowboys. This is a book with something for everyone!" (Mrs B)