Playground Pets

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Juliet and her classmates take responisbility for their classroom pets in the eighth Juliet, Nearly a Vet adventure

Chelsea and I have such a cool school—we get to have playground pets! Guineas pigs, lizards, fish, and insects are all part of our classroom. This week, we have a replacement teacher. Poor Miss Fine doesn't know much about animals. Luckily we do (it's so handy nearly being a vet). We're going to be keeping track of everything, so I'm sure nothing will go too wrong.


Rebecca Johnson is an author and teacher. Her previous books include the Steve Parish Story Book series and The Insect Series. Juliet, Nearly a Vet is her first fiction series. Kyla May is the creative director of a team of illustrators, writers, designers and producers under the banner Kyla May Productions. She has illustrated several other children's books including Star Girl and The Dog Rules.