Betrayal in the Blood
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At the age of ten Nicole Singer watched her father leave and was then told she is adopted. Only one person could help put her life back together- Bernadette. Although Bernadette is strong and wilful, her methods are especially brutal when she singles out Nicole’s least favourite person, Rebecca. Nicole and Rebecca have more in common than they know. Both women are fighting an internal battle of wills, whilst trying to piece together their broken histories. Their parents endeavoured to hide the truth, but all will be revealed. Nicole will realise her connection to Nottingham and Rebecca will learn the roots of her unethical capabilities, but will they discover their connection to each other? Set against modern Nottingham and delving into its past, these women of opposites strive to find their identities. Through a series of dramatic events and a blood-curdling climax, Betrayal in the Blood explores the frailty of life and the complexities of mental illness.


Lydia Keys didn’t know she wanted to write until she was twenty-four, when she started writing a novel, just because she felt like it. She never imagined that she might one day make a living from it! Writing is her passion, her escape, her way of seeing the world, and she wouldn’t be the person she is without it. People ask her, 'What made you think of that?' Or, 'Where do the ideas come from?' To which Lydia answers; "It's just my way of processing what’s around me, kind of like a filtering process, and the written piece is the end result." Lydia Keys is twenty-eight, and currently works a full time job, but she does as much writing as possible in the time she has to spare. Betrayal in the Blood is her debut novel.