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More About This Title Maiwand


On 27 July the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment fought a terrible battle on the dusty plains of Afghanistan. The battle went down in history as a massacre which effectively wiped out the regiment. They lost 10 officers and 276 men. Nonetheless, their valiant fighting was an inspiration to many, from Kipling to Conan Doyle, who based Dr. Watson on the 66th medical officer Major Preston. Queen Victoria presented medals to the survivors, and it was Maiwand and the 66th’s battle against the Zulus the year before which resulted in the British Army no longer carrying Colors into battle. This book tells the story of this fine Victorian regiment from 1870 when they went to India through Afghanistan and back to England in 1881, bringing the regiment to life and concentrating on the characters who made it what it was. This title is illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs from the Wardrobe Museum archives.


Richard J. Stackpoole Riding is the chairman of the U.K. Dr. Watson Society and has a life-long interest in the Battle of Maiwand.