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Scandal reigns in the world of politics, celebrity, business, religion, royalty, and art, and this book covers it all—from Watergate to Iraq, Princess Diana to Oscar Wilde. Distinguished writer Colin Wilson delves into the murky intrigues of American and British life to bring the most scandalous secrets to light. Containing brand-new chapters on Michael Jackson, ENRON, the death of David Kelly, the Catholic Church sex scandals, and the cash-for-honors scandal as well as an updated chapter on O.J. Simpson, here are the embarrassing true stories the rich and famous tried but failed to hide.


Colin Wilson has been a major influence in the areas of mysticism and true crime. His career has spanned the publication of more than 60 books, includingThe Atlantis Blueprint, The OutsiderStrange: The Stories of the Mysterious and Bizarre, and Super Consciousness. Damon Wilson is the author of The Encyclopaedia of Unsolved Mysteries and other nonfiction titles.