English Fairy Tales and Legends

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The stories that many children grown up with are very international—for example Snow White is German, Cinderella is French, and Aladdin is Arabian. Folk tales and legends are an intrinsic part of English national culture—so which are the fairy tales from England? Rosalind Kerven presents an answer here, as she has revived the best of these tales for a new generation with more than a dozen classics rewritten to engage readers. The 15 stories include tales of giants, dragons, fairies, beauty-and-the-beast, and Arthurian romance. Each tale is linked with a specific place or county in England—for example, "The Dragon Castle" from Northumberland, "The Girl Snatched By Fairies" from County Durham, "The Princess and the Fool" from Kent, and "The Dark Moon" from Lincolnshire. The second half of the book has notes on each story relating where the history came from, its development, and short summaries of many related or similar stories.


Rosalind Kerven has written over 50 books, many for children. Her titles includeThe Fairy-Spotter's Handbook, King Arthur, and The Secret World of Magic.


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