Void of Reason
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When a man is brutally murdered in an exclusive penthouse apartment in Singapore, the trail leads back to a Hindu ashram in a remote Indian village. With the police powerless to prevent the chief suspects from absconding back to the ashram, they call upon Mr Christopher Lim, a man already en route from Singapore to look into the strange goings-on at the shady religious retreat, and S.I. Selvi, a local Tamil police officer, to continue the murder investigation in India on their behalf. As their investigation unfolds, the twisted, shocking state of affairs at the ashram begins to come to light, the bizarre, sordid series of events which led to the final act are methodically exposed, and the mind of a deranged fanatic slowly emerges from the darkness of the void, voicing its views from the shadows...


Chitra Sankaran was educated in India and the UK. She took her doctoral degree from the University of London and joined the teaching faculty of the National University of Singapore shortly after, where she is currently an Associate Professor in the department of English Language & Literature. Chitra has done her fair share of academic publishing as part of her professional requirements, but VOID OF REASON is her first novel. An avid and lifelong whodunnit fan, plotting this thoroughly intriguing murder-mystery was, for her, a natural extension of this interest.


• A feat of plotting, the unusual setting and the weaving together of Indian threads brings a cast of original characters vividly to life. The book does what all good mysteries must do, pulls the reader deep into an inescapable web of intrigue, and keeps you reading until the very last word. - Meira Chand, Author of A DIFFERENT SKY (Waterstone's Cardholders Book Circle Choice July ) & numerous other novels

• Chitra Sankaran has created a murder mystery that culturally and philosophically expands upon the rich tradition of crime stories. Set primarily in a prosperous and powerful Indian ashram awash in mystery and murder, Void of Reason delivers engaging characters, page-turning suspense, and memorable details about Southeast Asian life in a story that casts its spell on us from its opening chapters. Her very original investigators, Christopher Lim, an imperturbable, Confucius-like Tai-Chi practitioner, and Sub-inspector Selvi, a tough female police officer breaking the barriers of gender, are a delight and should easily take their places beside Miss Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot. - Dr Charles R. Johnson, Author of MIDDLE PASSAGE (Winner of U.S. National Award for Fiction ) & numerous other novels, recipient of MacArthur and Guggenheim Fellowships

• A gripping novel that's a real page-turner, VOID OF REASON had me engrossed from start to finish. It weaves together a complex mystery complete with a brutal murder, a series of bizarre events, engaging characters, and action that spans Singapore and India with effortlessness. The relationship between the two amateur sleuths, one a well-educated imperturbable Singaporean man, and the other a no-nonsense tough Indian woman police officer, is heart-warming and one hopes there will be a sequel which includes these delightful characters. I loved the finesse of the plot, the writer's style, and the twist at the end. Highly recommended! I can't wait for Chitra Sankaran's next book! - * * * * *, Neha, Undisclosed