I Am Lucky Bird
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When her mother AnnMarie mysteriously vanishes from the small town of Plains, Montana, twelve-year-old Lucky Bird's childhood comes to an abrupt end. Left alone to defend herself against her suddenly abusive grandmother Marian Bird, and forced to endure the twisted predatory game played by Marian's lover Tom Cressfield, Lucky's life soon descends into a nightmare. Even when she manages to escape, the outside world can't take away the brutal images of her past. Still haunted by her mother's disappearance and the trauma that followed, Lucky is easily led down a path of self-destruction, a path that only the intervention of a handsome young stranger and his family seems to offer any hope of guiding her away from. But first, she will have to confront her demons, and the dark truths that they kept hidden...

The literary debut of brilliant new author Fleur Philips, MFA Creative Writing student at Antioch University Los Angeles, I AM LUCKY BIRD is an intensely gripping, heart-wrenching novel, telling the tale of Lucky Bird through her suffering, her long, hard-fought struggle against strife and adversity- and, in its breath-taking climax, of Lucky Bird's inspirational triumph, as she finally uncovers the sinister secrets behind it all...


Fleur Philips is a nineteen ninety-eight graduate of the University of Montana with a BA in English. She also studied Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Oregon from ninety-two to ninety-five, where she was awarded placement in the Kidd Tutorial Creative Writing Program in ninety-four, directed by Mr. Chang Rae-Lee. In two-thousand-and-one, Fleur Philips moved to Los Angeles, California, where she is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing with Antoich University Los Angeles. Fleur's passion for writing began when she won an all-school writing contest that put her first book, Misty's Adventure, on the shelves of the school library for all her fellow classmates to read. Excluding Misty's Adventure though, I AM LUCKY BIRD is her stunning literary debut.


"My existence was just one of the many tragic events in the life of my grandmother, Marian Ann Bird. She told me she found me in an empty cardboard box next to an industrial garbage bin in the alley behind the Green Valley Bar in Plains, Montana."
This first sentence by Lucky Bird isn't exactly true, although we do not discover this until almost the end of the book. I mention it because any alert reader is likely to wonder early on whether there are some things Lucky does not know.
Lucky's name seems ironic, particularly after her adoptive mother vanishes, her grandmother moves in with her boyfriend leaving Lucky alone in the family home, although she is still in high school and her grandmother does bring her groceries. She is raped by her grandmother's boyfriend, and her grandmother locks her in the house and does not let her out, personally delivering the baby. Lucky hears the baby cry once. She never sees the baby and never hears another cry.
Eventually, Lucky escapes and winds up with a very bad crowd. But somehow, she manages to avoid harming anyone but herself, and she rescues a man who is about to be murdered.
Her name begins to fit when, drug addicted, broke, and in total despair, she decides to commit suicide, and is rescued by the best possible person. From there on, Lucky is indeed lucky.
To say more about the plot would be to create a spoiler, so instead I will say that the author succeeded in creating a believable plot with believable characters. There is an element of fantasy in the end of the book, but it is not impossible, merely improbable. I found this well worth reading, and it's one that I will keep and reread several more times. - * * * * *, Anne Wingate, Author of SCENE OF THE CRIME and numerous other novels

• With Lucky, Philips has a heroine that is recognisable and real, and all too human. With deftness and deceptive simplicity, she takes Lucky on an almost unbearable journey, from the ruins of one life to the joyous redemption that love and the kindness of strangers can bring. – * * * * *, Jennifer Heward, Berkshire, United Kingdom

• What I thought was going to be a simple coming of age novel, quickly turned into a dark, macabre story filled with so much anguish and tragedy that it was difficult to tear my eyes away from the pages for even a second. Philips' writing flows off the pages making it such a pleasure to read. The story still haunts me in many ways and the images that filled my head while reading are not easy to forget. I think this novel would make a brilliant movie...
...What I loved about this book were the small things which stood out from the drama. Like the birds that always appeared to Lucky at the appropriate times. It may not have played an integral part in the story, but there was something magical about the tie in with what AnnMarie had told Lucky about birds being responsible for bringing the souls of the dead to heaven to become angels. It was like finding gems amongst the ruins of Lucky's life, and I think Fleur Philips needs to be applauded as an author for adding such special moments of beauty to such a tragic story. - * * * * *, Roxy Kade, South Africa (for full review, visit http://roxykade.blogspot.co.uk///i-am-lucky-bird-blog-tour-guest-post.html)

• I Am Lucky Bird is a poignant coming of age novel, but with dark overtones that had me filled with anguish and just about broke my heart. Poor Lucky, she just wanted to be loved and be wanted. Child abuse is horrific and Phillips tackles the subject no holds barred. I read this book in one sitting, it is just so powerful. I found myself wrapped up in Lucky's world, a girl who doesn't even have a name.
Lucky really isn't lucky at all. Every decision that is made for her or that she makes doesn't always seem to work out. Just when things start to be going well for her, something happens. Lucky can't outrun her past, she must tackle it head on. The title having a bird is spot on as that is what Lucky reminds me of. A small baby bird, so fragile and delicate and must be handled with gentleness. Abused, I prayed she would find her wings to fly away. I experienced so many emotions in this book - anger, sadness, hope, joy and much more!
Although the subject matter is dark, the story is rich and powerful. A must read book, with spectacular writing and a protagonist who has found a special place in my heart. - Wendy, IN, United States (http://mindingspot.blogspot.co.uk///i-am-lucky-bird-review-giveaway.html)

• I'm trying to think of a way to describe this novel. It's not a happy story, where everyone gets along and there's a separate bad guy or thing that they must unite to find themselves victorious. No, Lucky is a girl very much left to her own devices. And often, that's not a pretty sight.
I think I love these kinds of stories because I can honestly relate to the character. Even if she doesn't have anyone else in her corner, I'm there cheering for her to find her way out of the darkness.
Fleur (lovely name, isn't it?) has a sweet writing style that just grabs you and won't let go... It makes it feel like you are reading a diary or something other than a mass marketed paperback.
This isn't a pretty coming-of-age story, but it was fully worth my time. This is going in my library for keeps. - * * * * *, Angela, MI, United States (http://lilacwolfandstuff.blogspot.co.uk///book-review-i-am-lucky-bird.html?spref=tw)

• At first, I wasn't sure I made the right choice in committing myself to reading this book and writing a review for it. Sure, I was captivated by the book's description describing a young girl's troubled life and the trials she endures, but I was concerned it would be too dark, too deep, for me to actually enjoy reading it. I was wrong. No, this wasn't my usual choice of book to read -- it wasn't a fun, flirty book about a young woman's quest to find the perfect man or land the perfect job -- instead it was a deeply emotionally book that would stay with me for hours after I put it down and for days after I read the last page....
...While reading this book, it was like having Lucky herself sitting right in front of me, telling me her story. The first-person voice is so personal; so raw -- almost monotonous in tone, yet not boring at all, and the entire time I was held captivated, wanting more and more. Regardless of how this book was going to end - good or bad - I knew early on that I was glad I had decided to read it. Hands down, one of my favorite reads of !! - * * * * *, Kim Walker, Alberta, Canada (for full review, visit http://www.chicklitcentral.com///guest-book-review-i-am-lucky-bird.html)

• Life is a circle that can be completed or can be left unfinished because we never learn all the details of what has happened over our years on the earth. The story of Lucky Bird is a completed circle, but the story told within it is poignant and full of fear, love, despair, and hope. Fleur Philips writes the story from the character perspective of Lucky Bird, a young girl when we first meet her, who will fight a hard battle to adulthood. Writing from this particular perspective can be tricky and not all authors manage to secure the character's voice solidly, Philips hits it on the head.
The entire time I was reading the story I was behind Lucky's eyes, seeing what she saw. I was in her heart, feeling it be crushed, and bursting, and crushed again. I was in her soul, withering one minute, soaring like a meadowlark the next. Philips brings her reader completely into the character's life and this is a talent not easily achieved. I can literally say I do not remember the last time I felt so connected to a character.
I feel very strongly about this book, as I think it is an excellent tool for teaching. I think that schools and book clubs for teens everywhere should consider this book for utilization. There are some marvelous lessons to be taught in here, and great discussion points. I would not tell an adult book club to turn this one away either, as it is truly a book worth talking about.
I can personally say that I am looking forward to whatever may be next in Fleur Philip's writing career. – * * * * *, Penelope Anne Bartotto, WI, United States (http://libraryendofuniverse.blogspot.co.uk///review-i-am-lucky-bird-by-fleur-philips.html)

• Sweet, tender, heartbreaking and whimsical, I Am Lucky Bird by Fleur Philips is a tale of life and all its dips, turns and nooks and crannies, choices and hope and friendships. Beautifully written, raw and dark in places, haunting and ethereal in others, I Am Lucky Bird will seduce the reader, capturing Lucky’s emotions perfectly, allowing them to share her horrors, her downfalls, her despair, as well as her healing, her rebirth and her success, as if she were a part of our family.
For anyone who has been in a dysfunctional family, or known one, for anyone who has seen the destruction of rape, abuse and drugs, and struggled for a light at the end of the tunnel, for anyone desperate to see the good in human nature, I Am Lucky Bird will settle under the skin, and live there, and deliver a tale of strength and deliverance that is unique and beautiful, from page one, to its final word. – * * * * *, Claudia Robinson, MA, United States (http://luxuryreading.com/iamluckybird/)

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• This is one of those books I wasn't completely sure about. I mean the story sounded so compelling to me, but at the same time I knew it was going to be dealing with some pretty tough topics as I read.
Lucky Bird is a twelve year old girl, a loner, a girl who was found in a dumpster behind a bar. The only person in her life who ever loved her was her "mother", AnnMarie. Then AnnMarie mysteriously disappears. Lucky is left alone with Marian, AnnMarie's abusive mother, whose drunken creepy boyfriend who seems to be watching her every move.
Just when Lucky seems to have made a new friend and found middle ground with Marian, her world closes in around her--imprisoning her. When Lucky is finally able to escape, she finds herself unable to let go of her past and drowns herself into a dark underworld. But with a name like hers you know that can't be the end. When her world goes completely black, she finally finds a safe and happy place.
But wait there is even more---
Let me say I could hardly put this book down! I wanted to know what was next for Lucky and at the same time I wanted to know the back story of those around her. This book drew me into Lucky's world. I wanted to reach out and help her. I kept hoping for more, hoping for better for her.
Fleur Philips wrote a story that dealt with some very dark themes and yet wrote it all in such a way you could read it without feeling like it was too graphic. This is just a non stop book, beautifully written. I highly recommend it! - * * * * *, Laura Bolin, TN, USA

• I greatly enjoyed 'I Am Lucky Bird.' What a unique, heartbreaking, and powerful story. Lucky is such a strong protagonist, and I was so impressed by the way the author portrayed her horrible situation with her grandmother and Tom with authenticity and grace. - * * * * *, Samantha Steer, CA, United States

• I bought this book because it was referred to me by a friend. Once I cracked open the first page I couldn't put it down! I read it while on vacation and found myself waking up in the middle of the night wanting to read more!! Ms Philips kept me on edge the whole time! I highly recommend it for anyone who likes suspense! Your heart will skip a beat or two! - * * * * *, Kris Kelly, Undisclosed

• A great book full of suspense and emotion. This was a great book with great characters and enough suspense that I couldn't put it down. I read it all in one sitting and enjoyed it immensely. A must read book! - * * * * *, Shan Salois, ID, United States

• I Am Lucky Bird is such a riveting read, from the start, even in the parts I wanted to turn away from it I couldn't put it down. Lucky's journey is powerful and amazing and so well written. I read it a few weeks ago and thinking about it still conjures the pictures of her life and the story in my mind, any book that stays with me that way is a testament to the writing. I am the type that always has a book by my bed and I couldn't tell you what most of them were about two days after I finish them, but Lucky Bird has stayed with me. - * * * * *, Barbara Kerford, Undisclosed

• I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. It pulled at my heartstrings from beginning to end and I could not put it down. There is nothing better than an easy and compelling read. I Am Lucky Bird was that and more! Great book - wonderful read! - * * * * *, Yvette, Undisclosed