I Never Knew That About the Scottish

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Illustrated throughout with beguiling pen and ink drawings, this entertaining guide unearths the traditions, triumphs and disasters, foibles, quirks, and customs that come together to make the Scottish people so fascinating and unique


In this captivating book, bestselling author Christopher Winn turns his attention to the Scottish people, taking us on an eye-opening journey around their homeland, discovering en route the intriguing and surprising ways the places and their history contribute to the Scottish character. From the capital of Edinburgh—birthplace of Henry Brougham, the man who made the longest speech ever in the House of Commons, lasting more than six hours—to Callander, birthplace of Helen Duncan, the last person in Britain to be imprisoned for witchcraft after correctly divining the sinking of HMS Barham, he accompanies us on a journey uncovering little-known facts and amusing anecdotes from the Scottish Highlands to the bustling inner-city streets of Glasgow.


Christopher Winn is the author of I Never Knew That About England, I Never Knew That About Ireland, I Never Knew That About Scotland, I Never Knew That About the Lake District, I Never Knew That About Wales, and many others.


"[A] fascinating look at the heritage of a small country with a big, big history."  —Daily Record