Lord of the Isle

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Born to an immensely rich Victorian industrial family, Colin Tennant used his wealth to live an eccentric lifestyle of self-indulgence from the 1940s to his death in 2010.  He bought the private island of Mustique in the West Indies and made it one of the most exclusive destinations for the famous—royalty, film and pop stars, international businessmen and jet-setters flocked there.  His parties were legendary.  He was an original member of the Princess Margaret set (even suggested as a possible husband) and her visits to the island were always newsworthy. As Tennant's literary executer, Nicholas Courtney personally knew his subject and had access to unseen family papers and photographs.  He tells the inside story of Tennant's remarkable and often tragic life which continues to cause ripples even after his death.


Nicholas Courtney is an author, broadcaster, and lecturer.  In the 1970s he became the general manager of the Island of Mustique, where he stayed for four years.  He then began writing fiction and historical non-fiction.  Among his best-selling books are Admiral Beaufort and the award winning The Queen's Stamps.