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More About This Title Infaeter


James Brett's INFAETER is a children's/ teen fantasy novel, a thrilling tale of magical intrigue and adventure about a young girl, Lia Raclaw, who possesses the ability to bring her imagination to life. At first, she tries to hide her magical abilites and lead a normal life, but all her efforts to do so are soon undone when the mysterious group calling itself the TaRo seeks to add her to their ranks.

Soon, Lia finds herself thrust into the heart of the TaRo's decade-long struggle, joining them in their sorcerers' war against the enigmatic foe known only as 'The Emperor'. But strange powers are wielded by both sides, and from the shadows, a sinister plot soon threatens to destroy all those who fight...


A graduate of the University of Portsmouth, James Brett has been writing since he was six years old and had developed numerous stories throughout his life. It was only midway through his second year at University that he realised that some of his ideas might prove to be worthy of publication, and so began work on his first novel, the tale of magical adventure and intrigue which is INFAETER. As a first-time author making his debut, James Brett hopes that a long and happy writing career lies ahead of him.


An enchanting novel which is suitable for all age groups. The main characters are intriguing, the dialogue is modern and the plot unfolds nicely leaving you wanting more. - * * * * *, Undisclosed (