Learn to Make T-Shirt Quilts

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More About This Title Learn to Make T-Shirt Quilts


Learn how to turn well-loved T-shirts into memory quilts and pillows that will be treasured for years with this instructional video DVD. In this class, learn how to choose and prepare T-shirts for inclusion in a quilt, inventory T-shirts, begin the design process, cut and stabilize the T-shirts, lay out the T-shirts in a cluster or column, create T-shirt blocks, assemble the T-shirts into a quilt top, make T-shirt borders that hang over a bed, and finish the project with quilting, binding, embellishments, and labels. A pattern CD-ROM with three exclusive projects accompanies the class DVD, which is both PC and MAC compatible and can also be played on Region 1 DVD players.


Nancy Scott is an award-winning quilt designer and the owner of the long-arm quilting business Masterpiece Quilting LLC. She is the author of T-Shirts, Memories & More. She lives in Berne, Indiana.