¿Qué hago con un niño con discapacidad? Conócelo

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Inspired by her personal experiences as mother to Elisa, a special needs child, psychologist Cecilia Rosales Vega presents in this book some of the results of her exhaustive research over the course of many years. Beginning with descriptions of different types of disabilities and impairments and their causes, the guide continues with information on how to take care of a child with a disability from parental, medical, and therapeutic perspectives. The sooner you begin to take action, the greater benefits your child will receive during his or her development. Rosales Vega combines firsthand cases she has experienced with situations she has seen during her professional career to provide a well-rounded, helpful account.


Cecilia Rosales Vega is a psychologist and the coordinator of the Psychological Services Center at the University of the Americas in Mexico City. She has professional experience working with people with disabilities, as well as personal experience with her daughter who has Down syndrome.