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More About This Title Tutankhamun


The tomb of Tutankhamun was undoubtedly the greatest archaeological discovery of all time. What is not so well known is that among the wonderful treasures were rumored to be papyri that held the "true account" of the biblical Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. At a time when Arab hostility was erupting over Britain's support for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, archaeologist Howard Carter's threat to make the contents of the papyri known to the world could have caused chaos across the Middle East. The book is the outcome of extensive research undertaken by two authors determined to get to the truth of what has become Egypt's and archaeology's most baffling mystery. This comprehensive and detailed account of the events surrounding the discovery of the tomb also delves into the relationship between the age of Tutankhamun and the origins of Israel. The conclusions are startling.


Andrew Collins is the author of From the Ashes of Angels, Gateway to Atlantis, and Gods of Eden, and the organizer of the Questing Conference, Britain's largest annual conference on alternative history. Chris Ogilvie-Herald is former editor of Quest for Knowledge magazine and the coauthor of Giza: The Truth.