A Son Called Gabriel

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Set in the hills of Northern Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s, A Son Called Gabriel is a deeply felt and often funny coming-of-age novel that is ultimately unforgettable. Gabriel Harkin, the eldest of four children in a working-class family, struggles through a loving yet often brutal childhood. It’s a turbulent time in Ulster, and in the staunchly Catholic community to which Gabriel belongs, the rigid code for belief and behavior is clear. As Gabriel begins to suspect that he’s not like other boys, he tries desperately to lock away his feelings, and his fears. But secrets have a way of being discovered, and Gabriel learns that his might not be the only one in the Harkin family.


Damian McNicholl attended law school at University College, Cardiff in Wales. He has appeared on CBS, WYBE Public Television, National Public Radio, Associated Press's syndicated Between the Lines with Diana Jordan, Irish Radio Network USA's Adrian Flannelly Show among others to discuss his work.