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More About This Title Bullshit!


A collection of crazy facts and outrageous hoax news items that will help you seprate the real stories from the BS

Despite the strong believe of many that shaving makes hair come through thicker, or stimulates growth, it just plain doesn't.

All characters created by Pixar blink just one eye at a time.

The "traditional" fortune cookie that comes at the end of a Chinese meal was not invented in China. The first ones were made in 1918, in America, by Charles Jung.

This book brings together some of the most weird and wonderful true—and not-so-true—tales that will confound, delight, and amuse. Together with an amazing selection of unbelievable facts, Bullshit will reliably inform you about the real color of a hippo’s milk (pink), the human–banana DNA split (50:50), why a dismembered member caused a road closure in the UK, and much more.


Michael Getz is a gift book author.