Lenses for Digital SLRs

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A digestible, concise guide to choosing a lens for a digital SLR camera

It’s very easy, when investing in new camera gear, to put all your energy into choosing the right body, only for that most crucial of factors—the lens—to become an almost secondary consideration. Covering everything from focal length to depth of field, prime versus zoom lenses, and specialist optics, this book manages to unravel the technicalities of lenses while remaining comprehensible and reader-friendly. Throughout the book, the reader is guided through basic terminology, common focal lengths, what optical quality means in terms of the photographs they take, and eventually comes to understand the anatomy of the camera lens and its effect on the image. The book features chapters on modern lens technology, wideangle, standard and specialist lenses, the digital darkroom, and more. Information is presented in a clear and consise manner, making this the perfect guide for beginning to intermediate level photographers. The book also comes with a pullout card for quick reference.


Ross Hoddinott is a multi award-winning photographer and one of the UK’s leading natural history and landscape photographers. He won the BBC Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 1995, and his work has been regularly featured in photographic and wildlife magazines, including Outdoor Photography, Photography Monthly, and BBC Wildlife. He has authored or co-authored several other books on photographic technique, including Digital Macro Photography, Landscape Photography WorkshopThe Pip Expanded Guide to the Nikon D200, and Wildlife Photography Workshop.