Clever Commuter

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These puzzles are ideal for long commutes, turning wasted moments into brain training sessions

Do you find yourself willing away the minutes—and sometimes hours—on your journey to work? With Clever Commuter you can claim back that lost time and use it to improve your mental agility via a series of short problems specifically designed to promote cognitive capacity and alertness, and stave off the aging of the brain. Each of the problems found in this book tests a key element of your intelligence, from visual memory and comprehension, to pattern recognition and number crunching. So whether you want to get your mind limbered up for the day ahead or simply sit back with some enjoyable puzzles on your journey home—or anywhere else you fancy—there's no better collection for commuters to test their wits and improve their brain function.


Dr Gareth Moore is the author of The Brain Workout, The Kids' Book of Crosswords, The Little Book of Puzzles, and Train the Brain.