The Ultimate Sandwich

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At last a cookbook that affords the modest sandwich all the respect it deserves, from BLTs to banh mis

When John Montagu, the fourth Duke of Sandwich, got the brilliant idea of putting slices of cold meat between two pieces of bread, he not only invented the first, really modern meal, he created a global obsession. Today there are variations of the portable, cheap (but, above all, good) sandwich in most cultures and it is about time a book appeared that takes the subject seriously. In more than 90 recipes, this book teaches such skills as how to make perfect versions of classics such as the Club Sandwich, Reuben, and BLT, and teaches readers all they need to know about exotic sandwiches such as Mufflettas, Tortas, Po’boys, and Banh mis. Sandwiches describes sandwich history, sandwich philosophy, how you bake the perfect bread, how to make your own cheese, and cured and cooked meats, and which are the accessories and kitchen equipment every sandwich lover ought to have at home. Recipes include dual measurements.


Jonas Cramby is a freelance food writer and chronicler. His blog on the Swedish magazine Café has 20,000 unique readers every month. In 2009 he was awarded the title Chronicler of the Year by Sweden’s magazines, and he has recently become the restaurant critic for Metro. He is the author of Tex-Mex From Scratch.