How Do You Survive on an Iceberg?

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More About This Title How Do You Survive on an Iceberg?


With 100 interesting questions and corresponding science facts, be prepared to have fun while learning

Why do boomerangs come back?
Can you burst a beer barrel with water?
Could you survive on a diet of celery and ice cubes?

This book is filled with fascinating scientific and mathematical puzzles, all based on real-world principles. Learn why birds fly in formation, how to steer a rudderless boat, and why the water levels of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are not always the same. Pen portraits of influential mathematicians and philosophers are included, so you can discover more about how the greatest thinkers of all time have influenced us and our surroundings.


Erwin Brecher has written more than 20 books, including How Do You Get an Egg into a Bottle, How Do You Walk on Fire?, Lateral Thinking Posers, and Lateral Thinking Puzzles.