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More About This Title Deception


I felt always that the crumbling paper must hold something that was more like speaking flesh and blood . . . that somewhere amid these shreds . . . I would learn something of this family lost to silence; something about a house that was quickly abandoned and a family divided, and then all gates shut on the past.

A young Australian man arrives in riot-ravaged Paris, armed with an old manuscript written in French and an obsessive desire to piece together the fragments of a mystery that has haunted him since childhood. His journey takes him back and forth in time, over the ruins of desert and city, and through the veils and mirages of history and memory. From Paris to the desolate, windswept Australian desert to the appalling dank prisons of 19th Century New Caledonia, Deception tells an epic story of a search for truth, spanning continents and generations.


Michael Meehan is the award-winning author of The Salt of Broken Tears and Stormy Weather.


"Extraordinary and beautifully realized first novel . . . with language that approaches the condition of poetry. . . . Enthusiastically recommended for all libraries."  —Library Journal on The Salt of Broken Tears"Meehan's gift for lushly translating The Tempest into the rain-drenched towns of Victoria, Australia, is powerful, and his tale offers nothing less than a fantastic interpretation of it."  —Booklist on Stormy Weather