Swallows & Robins - The Guests In My Garden
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More About This Title Swallows & Robins - The Guests In My Garden


Frequently At Number , Amazon, Travel France Bestsellers, Paid. The true story of author Susie Kelly's attempts to run two holiday homes in remotest France and her love/hate relationship with her guests. As the world's worst housekeeper, running holiday homes wasn't, with hindsight, a sensible idea. But two collapsing buildings on Susie's land would cost more to demolish than to restore. Thus she became a seasonal landlady. Her summer and winter visitors couldn't, as they say, be made up, though, to spare their blushes some of them have been air-brushed. They brought with them laughter, tears, romance, friendship and occasional madness. And they all left behind jars of jam and pots of pepper. From them Susie learned that you don't need to travel to find adventure. If you run holiday homes it comes to your doorstep. Unfortunately for Susie this included Ivy. The cleaning lady from hell.


Born a Londoner, Susie Kelly spent most of the first years of her life in Kenya. She now lives in south-west France with her husband and assorted animals. She believes that her explosive temper is a legacy from her Irish-American grandfather, but has no idea who to blame for her incompetence as a housewife. Still, she’s very kind to animals, small children and elderly people. Susie particularly enjoys exploring the road less travelled, discovering the lives and events of lesser-known places. Susie has a rapidly growing, dedicated, fan base. All of her popular travel books dominate Amazon's UK paid French Travel Bestsellers Top Twenty. They are often No. One and in the Top Ten, having recently achieved a full flush at One, Two, Three, Four and Five.


'This is another Susie Kelly great read that often had me laughing out loud as we meet the various builders, her local friends, the good guests and the bad who popped into her life over a four year period. Anyone who has any experience of running gites in France will love this book and anyone who is thinking about having gites in France should read this book.' French Village Diaries

'Its absolutely brilliant, it made me laugh - in fact snort out loud - and then cry when her dog died. Susie is a marvellous writer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was turned into a TV series and each episode featured the guests – I think Susie could be played by Alison Steadman!’ The Good Life France

“I bought this book as I was toying with the idea of moving to France and setting up gites/ B & B. I found a story that made me smile as Susie describes her journey and guests with warmth and gentle humour.” Amazon UK reviewer

“As with all of the books written by Susie, this one was a very easy read. Interesting, entertaining, told of real life experiences both good and bad… Could go on for ever. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Amazon US Reviewer

“I loved this book so much, I couldn`t put it down. I laughed and cried at all the characters. It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it.” Amazon UK reviewer