The Drive

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A single call from his Czech girlfriend catapults Trevor into a serious crisis. Desperate to get his mojo back, he blazes down Highway 99 in a rented Dodge Neon. But soon his journey to California is fraught with peril, and all he has for protection are a semi-automatic pistol, his trusty plastic visor, and a flea-ridden cat. As the drugs and the heartbreak kick in, the question is no longer whether Trevor will get over his girlfriend's infidelity, but whether he’ll get out alive. A fast-paced and hilarious contemporary odyssey, The Drive has all the adventure and surrealism of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas—but overlaid with heartfelt yearning and hope.


Tyler Keevil is the author of Fireball, which won the Media Wales People’s Prize and was shortlisted for the Guardian's Not the Booker prize. His short fiction has appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies, and his short story collection, Burrard Inlet, was published in May 2014. His short story "Sealskin" won Canada's prestigious Journey Prize in 2014.