How To Publish An Ebook On A Budget - An Author's Guide
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More About This Title How To Publish An Ebook On A Budget - An Author's Guide


A comprehensive, much-reviewed, much-praised, beginner's guide to making ebooks covering all aspects from formatting and copyright to cover-making and sales techniques. Written in a straightforward, chatty, easy-to-understand style by a BBC TV researcher, journalist and author of print published fiction and non-fiction. Includes copy editing, proof reading, libel, copyright, how to format Word for Kindle, ePub, iBooks, Kobo, NOOK, PDF etc, how to insert photos, how to make a cover, how to hyperlink chapter headings, the mistakes to avoid if offered a print publishing deal, a complete beginner's ABC of getting your work from from Word to Kindle plus much more. Links to further reading throughout. Latest sales and marketing strategies.
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Stephanie was a BBC-TV production assistant, researcher and director before leaving to become a full-time mum and writer. Author of Piatkus commercial fiction novels and Hamlyn non-fiction books, from – she was the cleaning guru for The Guardian newspaper’s popular Space Solves column. She started Blackbird Digital Books to produce her first ebook Done & Dusted – The Organic Home On A Budget, her collected Guardian columns augmented by a thrifty non-toxic household tip guide. As well as epublishing her own books, Stephanie enjoys editing and producing other authors’ titles at Blackbird Digital Books. She lives in London.


. Why There's No Need To Get Confused By All The Different Ebook Formats
. Copy Editing - Why The End is Only The Beginning
. Copyright and Copyleft
. Libel
. Titles, ISBNs, Legal Notices and Disclaimers
. How to Make Your Smashwords Epub for iBooks, Nook, Apps & More
. How To Make Mobi Ebooks For Amazon Kindle and Epub for Kobo & NOOK
. How To Make Your PDF Ebook
. Why You Don't Need Page Numbering
. A Beginner’s Guide to Hyperlinking
. How To Hyperlink Chapter Headings And Make A Clickable Kindle TOC
. Check Your Links
. Using Photos Online And Inserting Them Into Your Document
. How to Make an Ebook Cover on Your Home Computer
. Making A Cover - Find Affordable Artwork & Free Royalty-Free Photos
. How To Make A Thumbnail Mini-Cover of your Ebook
. Different Photo Sizing For Covers, Documents & Publicity
. Final Touches
. Publishing to Adobe PDF
. Final Proofread
. How to Set Up Security On Adobe PDF
. Publishing on Amazon Digital for Kindle
. Publishing On Smashwords/iBooks/NOOK/Apps & More + How To Fill Out US Tax Forms For UK Authors (And So Make % More Profit!)
. How To Sell From Your Own Website + Arguments For And Against
. Turning Pro - The Mistakes to Avoid If You're Offered a Print Book Deal
. How to Grow Your Sales
. How to Grow Your Sales Through The Roof
Appendix For Alan () – The Complete Beginner's Step by Step ABC of Word Doc To Kindle Ebook


“Undeniably useful for anyone embarking on the great adventure that is e-publishing. It certainly was for me!” LOUISE VOSS Bestselling Kindle No. /Top Author, , ebooks sold

“The Bible of Ebook Publishing” MCwriter US Amazon *

“Excellent and comprehensive. This is the best book I’ve read on ebook publishing to date” joerr US Amazon *

“I think I’ve done it and I’m absolutely staggered at how easy it was when I followed your steps..” Amazon reviewerALAN GRAINGER (Age )

Exceptionally helpful book. I used it to launch – decidedly not an easy process- my own book on Kindle and found it an excellent guide. Amazon UK reviewer

Brilliant and just full of really practical and current tips. I can’t believe how good! Even for just everyday document production style tips, never mind actually going for an ebook. Amazon UK reviewer

Great, great book. I can’t understand how I could ever have managed my way through the ebook process without it. Given the other costs of publishing, the price is just ridiculously low. Apple iBooks reviewer