Love Scenes

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Why can't life be more like the movies? More to the point: when it comes to love and sex, why do the off-screen versions have to be so much more complicated? Struggling to make sense of the failed relationships he's had, the hero of Love Scenes measures his life against the films he's seen and finds it sadly lacking. Although he counts himself lucky to live in Edinburgh, he despairs of finding the love life to go with it. Until, that is, hope is reborn in the form of Vicky. Then Lisa. Then Sarah. Peppered with hard-won insights into the psychology and dynamics of male/female relationships, and a hilarious series of mishaps and misunderstandings between the sexes, Love Scenes will make you realize that there really is more to life than movies.


Ralph Storer was born in England but has lived in Scotland since taking a degree in psychology at Dundee University. He has worked as an IT training consultant and lecturer at Napier University in Edinburgh. He is a regular contributor of hillwalking and outdoor articles to magazines and newspapers, and has published several books in this area, including 100 Best Routes on Scottish Mountains and The Joy of Hillwalking.