The Cow-Pie Chronicles

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Ten-year-old Tim Slinger and his nine-year-old sister Dana face danger, excitement, and heartbreak in this story of life on a modern family farm. Though Tim (aka Poop Slinger) and "Devil" Dana engage in intense sibling rivalry that gets them both into hilarious situations with barns, ropes, farm animals, city-kid cousins, and each other, they are soon forced to confront unwanted changes when the farm is lost. As they face an alien world in town, Dana readily adapts to a new way of life while Tim resists, sending the siblings down separate but intersecting paths. Although an unexpected encounter puts Tim back into familiar surroundings, will life ever be the same? This fresh and humorous account of modern rural living brings a unique approach to the time-tested theme of families and communities coming together under challenging circumstances.


James. L. Butler is a professional business writer who grew up on a farm. He is the author of Gravity and Raptor Ravine. He lives in Portland, Oregon. Lonnie Millsap is a cartoonist and the author of I Hate My Job!, I Stepped on a Duck!, and My Washcloth Stinks!