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More About This Title Red


A gripping mystery unfolds in the aftermath of a devastating cyclone that leaves a young girl unable to remember her name or where she comes from

Mud. In her mouth, her nose and her eyes. Mud in her hair and caked on her neck and her arms. Mud filling her shoes and seeping through the thin cotton weave of her trousers. She lay sprawled on her side, a garbled, barely distinct sound coming from her: jaymartinjaymartin. Her world was mud and pain.

'What's your name?' A boy was sitting on a kitchen table floating in a muddy pool. At his feet was a child's doll, the head lolling to one side.

Red can't remember the cyclone. She can't remember anything—her name, where she lived, or who her family might be. Her identity has been ripped away. Then she makes a discovery, and finds she has an important mission to accomplish. But in this chaotic, bewildering world, can she do it on her own? Who can she trust?


Libby Gleeson is the author of many books for children and teenagers, including Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House, Half a World Away, I Am Thomas, and Mahtab's Story. She has been shortlisted for the CBCA Awards 13 times, and won it three times.


"This is a striking piece of literature."  —School Library Journal on Mahtab's Story