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Interwoven with centuries-old herbal remedies, time-tested techniques, and women’s wisdom handed down through the ages, this kaleidoscopic whole-health tapestry reveals a myriad of natural methods for achieving and maintaining good health and all-around happiness. At the heart of the narrative is a compilation of natural recipes for infusions, poultices, teas, and tinctures—garnered by the young Svetlana while listening to her mother and “the girls” (other medical professionals like her mother) as they shared their bond of friendship and their tales of healing success while gathered for tea in the family’s blossom-filled garden—intertwined with her grandmother’s fairy tales, family vignettes, legends, and herbal lore. Filled with easy-to-make, natural, healing recipes for common ailments and illnesses—such as allergies, asthma, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and respiratory problems—this all-encompassing guide to wellness offers a holistic approach that intermingles alternative treatments with folklore, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to foster optimal health and joyful living.


Svetlana Konnikova was a writer of award-winning television scripts in the former Soviet Union and a host of several television shows there, including Listen and Learn, Masterpieces of World Literature, and Science and Life. Since moving to the United States in 1989, she has been a teacher of French and Russian. She lives in Boca Raton, Florida. Anna Maria Clement, NMD, PhD, is a codirector and chief health administrator of Hippocrates Health Institute. She is the author of A Families' Guide to Health & Healing and the coauthor of Healthful Cuisine. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.


"[A] book you will go back to time after time as a 'comfort book' (like comfort food!)—one that will variously provide information, stimulate your thinking, give you peace, and entertain you."  —Peter A. Gail, PhD, author, books and articles on creative living and edible wild plants, and founder, Goosefoot Acres for Resourceful Living

"Packed with nearly 800 remedies and recipes, motivational mottoes, inspirational advice and useful tips, this book provides centuries of healthy wisdom."  —Balance Magazine

"An herbal saga with time-tested secrets of good health and the pleasures of natural living, hidden until now "under seven seals." From centuries of healthy wisdom, discover nearly 800 remedies and recipes, secrets of joie de vivre, motivational mottoes, inspirational advice and interesting facts. The combination creates a perfect balance for readers seeking to nourish both body and spirit."  —The Nashville News"I hope that this work will help to instill a deeper reverence for the environment in readers everywhere."  —Miriam A. Kilmer, artist and granddaughter of poet Joyce Kilmer, author, "Trees"