Fueling the Teen Machine

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Addressing the growing trend of teenagers whose eating habits keep fast-food restaurants flourishing but do little to keep the kids themselves in shape, this guide presents parents with the tools to ensure the daily health of their children. Providing the latest information on a wide range of food topics, this handbook covers everything from carbohydrates to eating disorders and vitamins, discussing each aspect sensitively and suggesting the ultimate new frontier for busy teens—cooking their meals themselves. This updated edition contains an expanded section on portion distortion, fitness for health, and how to read food labels, while outlining the latest studies, statistics, nutrition guidelines, and health information. New recipes, tips on creating shopping lists, and meal-planning ideas are included and vegetarian and vegan issues for teens are addressed. With sections on weight management, sports nutrition, and vital facts on fast food, this is the ideal companion for parents watching out for their kids’ diets.


Ellen Shanley is a faculty member in the department of nutritional sciences at the University of Connecticut. She teaches courses in food-system management and directs a program in dietetics. She lives in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Colleen Thompson is a registered dietician and manages the Team Nutrition Training Grant in the department of nutritional sciences at the University of Connecticut. She lives in Wallingford, Connecticut. They are the coauthors of Overcoming Childhood Obesity.