Gardens of Eden

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Spanning time and continents, this botanical exploration touches on all corners of the globe, visiting the glorious paradise of ancient Persia, the restrained gardens of Italy, and the Buddhist-inspired landscapes of China and Japan. The accompanying visuals conduct a journey through a horticultural wonderland, capturing locations such as Les Jardins du Paradis in Cordes-sur-Ciel, France; Nooroo in Australia's Blue Mountains; Villa Lante in Tuscany, Italy; and the ancient gardens of Kyoto, Japan. It also reveals where some of the world's greatest writers found inspiration—including Vita Sackville-West's Sissinghurst in Kent—and where politicians found solace, such as George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate. A celebration of the ideals and aesthetics that govern the creation of gardens in many cultures, this lavishly illustrated book is not simply a stroll through the world's finest gardens but a romp through history, an armchair ride around the world, and a guide to how and when to visit these breathtaking locations.


Holly Kerr Forsyth is a writer, a photographer, and a gardener. She is the garden columnist for the Weekend Australian and the author of The Constant Gardener: A Botanical Bible and Remembered Gardens: Eight Women and Their Visions of an Australian Landscape.


"More than 50 gardens are presented with Kerr Forsyth’s characteristic passion, meticulous research and elegant writing." —Weekend Australian

"A visual delight that will satisfy the hungriest garden or travel book lover . . . From NSW country homes to Cromwellian castles this is a stylish book you will return to again and again."  —Toowoomba Chronicle