Leicestershire & Rutland Folk Tales

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These lively and entertaining folk tales from one of Britain's most ancient counties are vividly retold by Leicestershire Guild of Storytelling. Their origins lost in the oral tradition, these thirty stories from Leicestershire and Rutland reflect the wisdom (and eccentricities) of the counties and its people. Leicestershire and Rutland have a rich and diverse collection of tales, from stories of epic battles and heroic deeds to legends of mythical creatures and ghostly goings-on. These stories, illustrated with 25 line drawings, bring alive the landscape of the counties’ rolling hills and fertile plains. Leicestershire Guild of Storytelling is a group of professional storytellers who have been collecting and telling traditional stories for fifteen years. They regularly organise festivals and storytelling events.


Leicesershire Guild of Storytelling have been collecting and telling traditional stories for fifteen years. Its members have been involved in storytelling in numerous types of performance venues as well as schools, a prison, social events and festivals. Members’ backgrounds include teaching, theatre, music and libraries. Over the years the Guild has received grants from The Arts Council and local councils enabling it to organise festivals and series of storytelling events. They have their own website: www.leicestershirestorytelling.com