Around Market Harborough Between the Wars

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Evoking the uncertain way of life at the end of World War I, this recollection utilizes the historic Leicestershire town of Market Harborough as its centerpiece. The evolution from a simple, rural existence into mechanization’s increasing presence is clearly depicted, highlighting the clash between ancient customs and the new lifestyle that the interwar years brought with them. Demonstrating the differences between this particular era and the present, this record portrays a generation of factory workers enduring long hours for meager pay, farmers whose homes could be seized on a whim, and domestic servants who accepted pitiful terms but felt honored to serve the gentry who employed them. Presenting a vast collection of previously unseen photographs and accompanying informative text, this study accurately summarizes a period of immense transformation in this timeless English city.


Mike Hutton is the author of Dirty Linen, The Nearness of You, and The Vice Captain.