Martin Luther

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Martin Luther was so angered by the sale of indulgences (pardons for sins granted by the Pope) that, in 1517, he nailed 95 arguments for reform of the Roman Catholic Church to the doors of the church and the castle at Wittenberg. This act began one of the most momentous periods of change in history: the Reformation. So much has been written on Luther that it's difficult for a beginner to know where to start. This book is an introduction, succinct and readable, but substantial and not skimpy. It covers or summarizes Luther’s major works and the main events of his life, and it invites the reader to meet him at his study desk, in the lecture hall, in the pulpit, at the dinner table.


John Schofield is the author of Cromwell to CromwellPhilip Melanchthon and the English Reformation, and The Rise & Fall of Thomas Cromwell.