Misfit Lil Robs the Bank

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Misfit Lil's misalliance with the reckless Texan cowboy Lucky M'Cline began while her true friend, mature frontiersman Jackson Farraday, was away in the Henry Mountains. Lil's crackshot skills saved M'Cline from the claws of a wounded, man-hating cougar but her actions earned her the enmity of M'Cline's former sweetheart, Virginia Whitpath. An unladylike fighting showdown with Virginia on Main Street, plus shooting pranks in a saloon with M'Cline, put Lil at the mercy of another arrival. Mesmerist Dr. François Guiscard, late of a Paris hospital infamous for the experimental treatment of madwomen, was entrusted with curing Lil of her behavioral problems. Lil had wanted only fun. Could she regain her freedom when Dr. Guiscard had devilish plans to capitalize on her unique abilities?