Haunted Worthing

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This collection of first-hand encounters with ghouls and spirits contains new and well-known spooky tales from around Worthing. Featuring ghosts such as the 8ft monk reading his prayer book, the phantom nudger, the elderly lady who walks down corridors and disappears into walls, the theatre ghost dressed in gray, and the painting that weeps salty tears, these tales will leave you chilled to the bone. Furthermore, read of the young girl whose hair is stroked by an unseen hand, the two child-like figures caught on security cameras, and the famous musician who frequented his last home. This collection of spine-tingling tales is guaranteed to entertain and spook anyone interested in Worthing's history.


Wendy Hughes is the author of 20 non-fiction books and writes a regular column for a newsletter. She is the founder member of Walton Wordsmiths, a critiquing group for authors.