The Emerging Researcher

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Divided into three parts, this resource first expands on the origin and implementation of the Emerging Researcher Program (ERP), complemented by critical reflections of the program’s first four years. The second and third parts examine the seminar and supervision training programs that constitute core ERP business. These latter selections are based on material developed for and presented at seminars and workshops. Participants in the ERP will gain insight into many program details and understand it as an adaptable model to address many situations both within South Africa and in the broader African context.


John W. de Gruchy is a professor emeritus of Christian studies in the department of religious studies at the University of Cape Town and a senior research scholar in the Emerging Researcher Program. Lyn Holness is a cluster manager for research development at the University of Cape Town, where she has managed the Emerging Researcher Program since its inception in 2003.