Hard Knocks & Soft Spots

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'I fight hard and love strong. I'm a traveller.' Paddy Doherty loves his life as an Irish traveler, but as a child he felt like an outsider. He was different from his siblings. On the rare occasions he went to school, he was bullied for being a gypsy boy. And beyond the gates of the camp he found nothing but hostility. Slowly, Paddy's hurt turned into anger and by the age of 11 he had started out on an illustrious career in bare-knuckle fighting. This earned him a position as one of the most well-respected (and feared) men in the traveling community. Yet while he won countless contests in the ring, the real battles he faced were very much outside. In this deeply honest autobiography, he tells of how he has loved and lost five children and battled depression, drink and drugs. He describes how it feels to be shot point-blank in the head and the lengths he'll go to to protect his people, as well as life since My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Big Brother. Told with all the warmth and humor he is famed for, Paddy's rich and colorful story is one that will stay with you for a long time to come.


Born in 1959, Paddy Doherty is an Irish traveler and a former bare-knuckle boxer. He is most well-known for starring in hit Channel 4 show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. In 2011, he won Celebrity Big Brother and since then he has starred in his own reality TV series When Paddy Met Sally and Paddy & Sally's Excellent Adventure.