Learn on the Loo

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Learn trivia, pick up fun facts, and read interesting stories while doing your business—perfect  for fans of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

At home or in the office, the bathroom is one of those few places where we have space and time to sit and think. And now you can have your own private lavatory lecturer to help you make the most of the average 1.5 years you will spend on the toilet over your lifetime! Featuring mind-expanding trivia, extraordinary facts, and enlightening stories from history, science, the world of words, and much more, Learn on the Loo provides the perfect pre-flush entertainment with bite-sized chunks of wisdom that are sure to impress your friends, family, and colleagues. So, however long you're usually "engaged" for, turn those toilet breaks into toilet tutorials and become brainier with every bathroom break you take.


Graeme Donald is the author of When the Earth was Flat and The Accidental Scientist. He runs a column about word origins in the Today newspaper.