A Little History

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A stunning record of the amazing career of Nick Cave, one of the world's coolest musicians, by one of the world's most celebrated rock photographers

When Bleddyn Butcher first saw The Birthday Party play, back in 1981, he was astonished. And then enthralled. He set about trying to catch their lightning in his Nikon F2AS. That quixotic impulse became a lifelong quest. A little history got made on the way. Collected here for the first time, A Little History is an extraordinary document, tracing Nick Cave's creative career from the apoplectic extravagance of The Birthday Party to the calmer disquiet of 2013's Push The Sky Away via snapshots, spotlit visions, and sumptuous, theatrical portraits. It mixes the candid and uncanny, the spontaneous and the patiently staged, and includes eyeball encounters with Cave's baddest lieutenants, men for the most part who long since burned their own bridges down. Butcher's Nikonic eye defines moment after arresting moment in Cave's glorious, sprawling story: it's a splendid testament to two brilliant careers.


Bleddyn Butcher worked for NME magazine in the 1980s, photographing musicians, including Alex Chilton, Joe Strummer, Michael Stipe, the Pogues, and U2, and authors, including William Gibson and Greil Marcus. His photographs have since appeared in many leading music journals.


"A revealing portrait of one of rock's finest songwriters and performers."  —Guardian