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In Soups we find a profound blending of flavors, combining spices, and the essence of aromatic herbs and tender vegetables. The warmth of the soup is joined with the shades of greens, reds, and yellows of the chili peppers, chayotes, tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes. All of this merges into a warm, artful encounter of light or thick soups. This volume brings together some of the most exquisite soups that are made in many of the regions of Mexico, according to the traditions of the grandmothers, in the wood-burning ovens or bubbling in pans or clay casseroles. Have your senses seduced by milpa soup, which combines the flavors of cilantro, beans, prickly pear, and black mushroom; Xóchitl broth, which fuses pumpkin flower petals, chipotle chilies, and ranch cheese; shrimp Huatape, which evokes the scents of the ocean accompanied with aromatic epazote and the sting of the green chili. Enjoy cream of cheese soup a la Tequila, an exquisite combination of gruyere and parmesan cheeses, Chihuahua with chili poblano and tequila, and many more in this book.


Patricia Quintana is a renowned international chef and an expert in Mexican gastronomy. She has studied cooking in Canada, Switzerland, and France. For more than twenty years she has been dedicated to rescuing the culinary heritage of the country and her research has enabled her to travel throughout the different regions of Mexico. With her sensibility and experience, she has created numerous avant-garde dishes, without losing the essence of Mexican traditions. Her culinary art has been featured and published in more than fifteen books, among them The Taste of Mexico, Feast of Life, Puebla, Kitchen of the Angels, A Journey through the Kitchens of Mexico, and Jade Powder. She has collaborated on numerous television programs and has written many articles on cooking for newspapers and national and international magazines. She is considered a promoter of Mexican traditions.