100 Paid Summer Adventures for Teachers

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From touring Japan to working in laboratories with renowned scientists, this guide presents summer program opportunities for teachers looking to find adventure and advance their careers while being financially compensated. Program descriptions include information on application procedures, requirements, credit awards, and financial support, and are conveniently organized in numerous ways—by geographic location, program duration, and eligibility. This one-stop resource allows educators of any subject and grade level to find memorable and rewarding outlets for their summer vacations.


Jill Frankfort is a math teacher who helped develop Hispanic Students Reach High Academic Standards, a U.S. Department of Education publication. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.


"This book is a must for the teacher seeking expertise and adventure."  —Dr. Leah McCoy, professor of education, Wake Forest University"This nifty little tome details fellowships across the world and includes the info you need to apply."  —Edutopia"A compilation of career-enhancing and -advancing programs, organized by subject, location, eligibility requirements, and duration."  —Education Week"Looking for a way to expand your summer horizons and get paid for it?"  —New York Teacher"Written to save teachers from hours of researching summer opportunities and programs." —NEAToday

"An excellent resource and also an ideal gift for one's teacher or the teacher of one's child."  —Small Press Bookwatch