Harris's Guide to Churches and Cathedrals

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More About This Title Harris's Guide to Churches and Cathedrals


A super illustrated guide to the unique treasures that lie within England's churches and cathedrals, featuring 300 color photos and a county-by-county gazetteer. The unique, the unusual, the rare—Brian Harris has traveled all over England, and parts of Wales, in his quest for the most fascinating churches and cathedrals in the land. Each church comes with a list of must-see features—whether it be the glorious fan-vaulted cloisters of Gloucester Cathedral or a singular monument to children's toys in the church at Ghilham in Kent. Along with a gazetteer of more than 500 churches, there are intriguing, often amazing stories about every aspect of church architecture, from bells and mazes to stained-glass sundials and wooden effigies. Richly illustrated with 300 color photos and maps, this is an exceptional work of reference for anyone who loves churches or eccliastical architecture.


Brian L. Harris was a teacher for 31 years in numerous primary schools in Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and West Sussex, including the last 19 years as Headmaster of West Wittering Parochial Primary School. After early retirement from teaching, he became a civil servant for 10 years. He has spent over 50 years researching churches and cathedrals in England and Wales. Now retired, he lives with his wife in West Wittering, West Sussex.