Sprechen über Bilder – Sprechen in Bildern

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More About This Title Sprechen über Bilder – Sprechen in Bildern


This book explores the relationship between images and language and probes the question of whether images, precisely where they intersect with the verbal realm, open up new insights that cannot easily be put into words. Recently, pictures have increasingly been understood as a medium of expression in their own right, but is it not the discussion of art, i.e., the representation of imagery through language, that produces momentous insights? Instead of looking at parallel processes or distinctions between images and language, this book focuses on the entanglement of and feedback mechanisms between the world of the visual and that of words. The text is in German, French, and English.


Lena Bader is a staff member of the German Center for the History of Art (DFK), located in Paris. Georges Didi-Huberman is French art historian and philosopher. Johannes Grave is an art historian and a professor at the University of Bielefeld.