Depeche Mode

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Revised, expanded, and updated, the tale of an enigmatic band, from humble beginnings through the destructive highs and magnificent lows to worldwide adulation as the masters of electric pop

Written with the band's cooperation, this biography throws light on this private, frequently misunderstood group and their lives, which have been bizarre, hilarious, extreme, and destructive through three decades of success and excessive celebration. It reveals three completely different personalities that form Depeche Mode: reckless, flamboyant Gahan; quiet, artistic Gore; and pragmatic, confrontational Fletcher. Since the 1980s the threesome has survived frequently colliding egos, marriages, the departure of band members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder, and the bizarre vicissitudes of global fame, to create a working partnership that has lasted for decades—here is their story.


Steve Malins is the author of Gary Numan's authorized biography and biographies on Paul Weller and Radiohead. He was a contributing editor for Q magazine for five years and has also written for the Sunday Times, Time Out, and Vox. He was executive producer on three Gary Numan albums and has worked with other artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees.