The Almost Lizard

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With a combination of confession, humor, and regret, this story tackles modern mental illness and everyday manipulation in a media-obsessed society

Today is Daniel Lizard’s 21st birthday and he has just completed his autobiography. Now, he plans on killing himself, leaving behind possibly the longest suicide note ever committed to paper. Daniel creates soap operas in his head—a game that he plays on his paper route. Rather than a phase, this is just the beginning of a fantasy that becomes more and more elaborate as the people around Daniel become his unwitting costars. Daniel begins to realize that, in life, you cannot write all of the scripts, there is no one there to shout cut or hit rewind, and, inevitably, all manipulations have their repercussions.


James Higgerson is a former music reviewer and has contributed to the anthologies Litmus: Short Stories From Modern Science and Still.