Podcasting for Profit

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This book provides a proven seven-step plan for leveraging the fast-growing world of audio and video podcasting to generate income or promote a business. Whether you are an individual creating your own podcast or a business owner interested in using a podcast to increase sales, this is the book for you.

In Podcasting for Profit, new media consultant Leesa Barnes shares her proven seven-step plan. At every turn, Leesa provides real-world case studies so you can see what is actually working and how. You will learn many effective techniques such as the "bread crumb" approach for selling products and services. You will see how to use advertising, sponsorship, and affiliate programs to generate revenue. Opportunities for consulting and teaching the art of podcasting to a fast-growing audience will be explored. Techniques and tools for selling premium content and memberships are explained in easy-to-understand terms.

Once you are up and running, you will need to constantly evaluate your progress. So in Podcasting for Profit, you will see how to measure your audience and understand return on investment to help you (and your sponsors) optimize your profit. You will learn the "seven habits of highly successful podcasters."

Included with the book is a password necessary for accessing the companion Web site which provides up-to-the-minute podcasting for profit news, expanded information, a free podcasting starter kit, and other helpful resources. This book/Web site combination is unbeatable!

This book will help you:

• See if podcasting is right for you using a 20-point questionnaire

• Sell more products and services without sounding like a late-night infomercial

• Learn how to secure advertising and sponsorships even if you hate cold calling

• Offer premium content and memberships to create passive income

• Build a podcasting consulting business using a proven model

• Promote your expertise through podcasting without bragging

• Measure your return on investment using simple tools

• Learn by reviewing actual case studies

• Stay up-to-date via the companion Web site

• Get your free podcasting starter kit complete with software, services, music, and more

• See what other readers have to say


Leesa Barnes is the president of Toronto-based Caprica Interactive Marketing and has been featured in national and international media as a recognized expert in podcasting and new media. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.


"I've downloaded your podcasts and enjoyed them."  —Alan Alda, actor and author, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

"Smart . . . strategic. . . . This book is a must read."  —Larry Lawfer, founder and president, YourStories

"The most advanced examination of the money to be made."  —Paul Colligan, PaulColligan.com