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For everyone who wants to relive Sue Bird’s 2004 run for Olympic Gold and a WNBA Championship through the eyes of a twelve-year-old girl. Twelve-year-old Skylar Rankin is obsessed with basketball and wants more than anything to grow up to be just like her hero Sue Bird. All she has to do is play better than anyone else, win top honors and awards, and get recruited by the best colleges. But she has to take that scary, exciting first step to see if she”s really good enough to achieve her dream.


C.A. Casey has been a musician and a librarian and is currently an editor for a publishing company. She loves basketball and other team sports and covered the Sacramento Monarchs for SportsPageMagazine. A dream come true for her. She has articles in library journals and in Strange Horizons, and stories in Aoife’s Kiss, The Lorelei Signal, Coyote Wild, Sorcerous Signal, The Fifth Di . . . and Beyond Centauri. She lives in Northern California.