Everything Butt Art at the Zoo

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Kids will have a blast learning to draw with this hilarious art activity book with a twist: every drawing starts with a butt. In addition to providing instructions for sketching 15 zoo animals, this book teaches young artists fascinating facts about each of the characters alongside colorful illustrations. A variety of activities such as word searches and mazes keep kids’ attention between drawings as they tour the different sections of the zoo. And if that’s not enough, kids will love trying to find all the butt shapes hidden throughout the book in Butt Hunt. This silly and educational book is sure to encourage creativity, sharing, and a healthy case of the giggles.


"There's no way kids won't think this is funny, and it does get them thinking, between giggles, about shapes and forms." —Elissa Gershowitz, www.hboutofbox.blogspot.com"While it may not be so apparent at first, many, many things can be drawn when you start with the butt shape. And this unique approach is both humorous and simple enough to immediately engage children." —www.TechCrunch.com"Everything Butt Art shows Snyder's sense of humor and love for parenting." —www.parkslope.patch.com"It doesn't get any cooler than Everything Butt Art at the Zoo. . . . Up next? World domination, Angry Birds style." —www.CoolMomPicks.com"An ingenious way to inspire children to start drawing." —www.SimplyStacie.net