Pressure Cooker Recipes for Every Day

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Consummate home cook and food writer Suzanne Gibbs returns with 80 new recipes that show how to use a pressure cooker to create slow-cooked flavor in a fast-paced world. Following on from the success of The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book, Suzanne Gibbs has created another delicious collection of recipes that demonstrate just how versatile a pressure cooker can be in everyday cooking. We all know that pressure cookers are perfect for making slow-cooked wintery braises in a fraction of the time, but once again Suzanne shows us how much more they can do. Imagine whipping up recipes such as porcini mushroom pate, creamy eggplant risotto with fresh ricotta, pulled-pork tortillas, citrus buttermilk pie, and apricot and kernel jam without spending hours at the stove. In this inspiring collection Suzanne offers 80 new recipes and takes us through all the practicalities, explaining how to choose, use, and clean your pressure cooker. Once you have tried this healthy, efficient way of cooking, a gleaming pressure cooker will soon become an essential appliance in your kitchen all year round.


Suzanne Gibbs graduated from Le Cordon Bleu school of cookery in London before becoming an accomplished food writer, writing for publications such as Australian Table, Home Beautiful, the Sunday Telegraph, and Woman's Day. She has also produced a wide range of cookbooks, including The Thrifty Kitchen.